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Stand out with 3D  – Dimensional Signs!!

3D or dimensional signs highlights the professionalism of a company.

Most commonly used in reception areas, bulkheads, display areas or foyers. Epic Signs offers a vast range of finishes to suit any requirements, including Stainless steel, acrylic, wood and foam. Epic Signs can paint to specific colours to match your logo.

Dimensional Letters, symbols and logo’s… Outstanding!

That name again?

AGI Group indoor dimensional signs

AGI Group



indoor dimensional signs for Admedus

Admedus music to our ears


Cornerstone Legal

Cornerstone Legal dimensional signs

Let Epic be your cornerstone



Plaza 817 lobby dimensional signs

Plaza 817 lobby


…more Lobby

Plaza 817 lobby right hand-side dimensional signs

Plaza 817 lobby right hand-side


Outside pylons

Plaza 817 pylon dimensional signs

Plaza 817 pylon


High up pylons

Plaza 817 pylon full view. Epic dimensional signs.

Plaza 817 pylon full view… now that’s high up!


Street numbers

Dimensional sign for Fluid Transfer Solutions

Fluid Transfer Solutions the entrance


Building logos

Fluid Transfer Solutions Dimensional building sign

Fluid Transfer Solutions the building


Different dimensionals

Stainless Steel, Wood, Acrylic, Brass, and foam letters, symbols and logo’s

Promotional ideas!


…Multi dimensionals

Promotional aids Dimensional signs

Promotional aids!


Aspen Medical

Aspen medical dimensional signs

Aspen is always cool



dimensional signs for WAIS

Wasn’t even a race with WAIS